American company accused of violating sanctions, doing business with Russian arms industry 美国公司被指责违反制裁规定,与俄国军火商做生意 | PBS 美国公共广播电视

American company accused of violating sanctions, doing business with Russian arms industry 美国公司被指责违反制裁规定,与俄国军火商做生意 | PBS 美国公共广播电视

Russia’s dependence on oil exports and American sanctions have disrupted its war effort against Ukraine. However, a report by PBS NewsHour with support from the Pulitzer Center highlights a different area that could be critical to the Kremlin’s military output. The report focuses on Haas Automation, a high-tech American manufacturer that is allegedly flouting export controls, potentially supporting Russia’s arms industry.

俄罗斯依赖石油出口和美国的制裁已经破坏了其对乌克兰的战争努力。但是,由PBS NewsHour支持的普利策中心的一份报告突出了一个可能对克里姆林宫的军事产出至关重要的领域。该报告聚焦于Haas Automation,一家高科技美国制造商,据称该公司违反出口管制,可能支持俄罗斯的武器工业。

The report reveals that RATEP, a weapons manufacturer in Russia, which is part of the Almaz-Antey holding, sanctioned since 2014, has been supplied with precision machining tools made by California-based Haas Automation. These systems are used to produce guidance systems for anti-aircraft weapons for the Russian military.

报告揭示,自2014年以来受制裁的阿尔玛兹-安特集团旗下的武器制造商RATEP一直在使用加利福尼亚州Haas Automation制造的精密加工工具。这些系统用于为俄罗斯军方生产防空武器的制导系统。

According to the documents filed with the U.S. Treasury and the Department of Commerce last month, several Russian sanctioned enterprises in the arms industry have been supplied with such tools. These documents were filed by the Economic Security Council of Ukraine (ESCU), a group that oversees sanctions compliance.


ESCU alleges that Haas is doing business with the Russian arms industry through Abamet Management LTD., an official distributor of Haas in Russia and Belarus. The ESCU’s months of investigation, including combing through Russian government procurement databases and customs records, revealed that Haas supplies multiple Russian weapons manufacturers with sophisticated equipment known as computer numerical control machines (CNC).

ESCU指控Haas Automation通过其在俄罗斯和白俄罗斯的官方经销商Abamet Management LTD.与俄罗斯军火工业进行交易。ESCU数月的调查,包括梳理俄罗斯政府采购数据库和海关记录,发现Haas向多家俄罗斯武器制造商提供了计算机数控机床(CNC)等精密设备。

These tools are so critical to the Russian military because of their accuracy and high precision. They are used to manufacture parts for ships, aircraft, different equipment and parts for missile systems and even radio-electronic equipment. Although Russia has its own machine tool industry, its products are less precise and less sophisticated, so it relies on imports from other countries, including Haas.


Haas machining tools can transform an unrefined hunk of metal into useful military hardware. Therefore, both sides of the Ukrainian conflict have access to Haas equipment. For instance, a plant in Ukraine uses Haas machine tools to make parts for tractors and combine harvesters. However, this dual-use technology is versatile and could easily be converted to produce almost anything, including weaponry.


Peter Zierhut, the Vice President of Haas, denied that the company was still doing business with Russia. In a written statement to NewsHour, he stated that Haas had cut ties with its Russian distributor on March 3 of last year, just a week after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began. However, NewsHour’s investigation reveals that customs records show that shipments continued for months after Russia’s invasion began. At least 18 shipments, worth $2.8 million, were made to Russia directly from Haas from March 4 through October last year.

彼得·齐尔胡特(Peter Zierhut)是Haas公司的副总裁,他否认该公司仍在与俄罗斯开展业务。他在一份给NewsHour的书面声明中表示,Haas在去年3月3日切断了与俄罗斯经销商的联系,那时距离俄罗斯对乌克兰的全面入侵仅有一周时间。然而,NewsHour的调查揭示,海关记录显示从去年3月4日到去年10月期间,至少有18批总价值280万美元的货物直接从Haas运往俄罗斯。

The report highlights that Russia’s arms industry depends on technology developed in other countries. In addition to Haas, Germany’s Siemens and Japan’s DMG Mori are also computer numerical control machine tool manufacturers that Ukraine believes are crucial to the continuing function of Russia’s arms industry. According to Agiya Zahrebelska, the head of the sanctions department of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, approximately 70 percent to 80 percent of Russia’s machine industry is Western, which is the imported machines.

该报告强调了俄罗斯武器工业依赖其他国家开发的技术。除了Haas外,德国的西门子和日本的DMG Mori也是计算机数控机床制造商,乌克兰认为这些公司对俄罗斯武器工业的持续运转至关重要。根据国家反腐败预防机构制裁部门负责人阿吉娅·扎赫雷贝尔斯卡的说法,俄罗斯的机床行业约70%到80%是来自西方国家的进口机床。

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