Who we are

New Zealand Review is a Chinese channel that showcases New Zealand to the World. Our mission is to communicate and promote New Zealand to global Chinese audiences. We are an independent media company and we can choose topics openly and objectively.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the World. The people in the greater China region has close ties with New Zealand in the economy and culture.

Our website and social media accounts have been reached 400,000 visitors by the end of October 2021. The statistics show our readers are from more than 120 countries and regions. We believe that the shared culture, values, and love of New Zealand will bond us together.

This website is a dual interaction channel. Chinese and Asian community is growing in New Zealand. We want to open the Window to see New Zealand for global audiences. We also want to be connected with other communities and countries.

Let me explain the website to you section by section:

1. Website Identity– Header and Menu

In Header Section 1, you can see the date, editor login portal, mobile application. You can also switch to mobile version, web version, English version, Traditional Chinese version, and Simplified Chinese version.

In Section 2, you will be able to check all the social media.

Section 3 is the homepage menu.

2. NZ News– Headlines

In Headlines Section 1, it shows the slides of the important NZ news.

Section 2 is Finacial News.

Section 3 is showing all the trending articles.

3. Living in NZ tips: How-tos

In this section, we share tips that might be useful to others.

The topic includes: How to use NZ Covid Tracer to scan QR codes? How to choose the best NZ power company? How to use online payment in NZ? How to order takeaways online in NZ?

These answers seem simple, but they are helpful for people who just arrived in New Zealand.

4. Christchurch Diary; National News

Since we are based in Christchurch, in section 1 we are showcasing the city that we love via images.

Section 2 keeps our audience updated with the latest national news.

5. China News; International News.

We are keeping you updated on China and International news. We are presenting the most important news that you could resonate with.

6. Technology and Innovation News

Who does not want to know about technological advancement? Here is all you need to know.

7.Travel and Tourism– North Island

We review all must-go places in North Island for you.

8. Food and Restaurant Review

Do not know which restaurant to go to?

We review all the good local restaurants for your reference. New Zealand Review Restaurant Ranking will be released each year.

9. Environment (Climate Change) News; NZ and Chinese Youth Reference

Environment News aims to raise awareness of climate change and global warming. We only have one planet to live on and this is our only chance to save our home.

NZ and Chinese Youth Reference is to provide some inspiring and useful ideas to the young audience. This section provides a different perspective to see the world.

10. Travel and Tourism– South Island

We review all must-go places in South Island for you.

11. My University– Campus Life and Education News

Most of our audiences’ NZ journey starts with studying here. This section is intended to gather all the information related to university, study and cultural experience in New Zealand.

Don’t know which university to apply for? Do not know which events to go to? What happened on campus?

We are giving out all the information that need to have when you study in NZ. All you need is to focus on your study. This will improve your NZ study experience.

12. NZ Today; China Now

These are two English sections on our website. We picked news that was reported by a variety of media to give you an overall view of New Zealand and China. This is for our non-Chinese speaking audience.

13. New Zealand Review Updates

Our audience is like family and friends. This section will keep you updated on the current status of the website, new features, or updates.

14. NZ Voices– Editoral

This is another English section.

There are so many voices here in mainstream media. The voice that represents our community might be submerged or unable to speak. In this section, we want to get our voice heard. Big or small, all matters.

16. NZ Fruits and Vegetables; Farm Wiki

These two sections are dedicated to New Zealand Primary Industry.

In NZ Fruits and Vegetables, we introduce delicious fruits and vegetables.

In Farm Wiki, we explain different farms and how it works.

17. Love Research Centre

We talk about relationship and romance related topics here.

18. TV & Film Review; Music Review

Don’t know what TV series or film to watch? Want to get some suggestions on the music list? Here is what you are looking for.

19. Life Records; Health Notes for Parents

Time will pass by with or without our records. So why not record some of our life stories. These stories might become history and keep others inspired. The Life Records Section is to share our life stories.

We love my Parents and Family. We are keeping Health Notes for our Parents and Family. Health Notes for Parents Section shares useful Health information with everyone.

20. New Zealand Review TV– City Live Steaming

We have created this TV channel to showcase our city via videos and music.

21. Events Calendar

Events bonds our community together. When we went to a new city, we do not know what events to participate in.

Here we listed all the events that are worth to go and we also review events.

22. NZ Snacks Review

We love New Zealand snacks. Who do not like NZ pineapple lumps and ice cream?

We want to review them all and introduce them to more people.

23. Baking Lessons; Dinner Recipes

Baking is fun. Baking Lessons Section is where we share experiences to make and share popular New Zealand and traditional Chinese desserts.

We love cooking. Dinner Recipes is where we share recipes for New Zealand and Chinese dinners.

24. New Zealand Wine Review

We are lucky to have so many great wines in NZ. Here are our view reviews.

25. Sports and Fitness

We have created a weekly fitness challenge. We share workout instructions and diet plans here.

26. NZ Stories; Chinese Stories

NZ Stories are dedicated to introducing NZ brands, traditions, festivals, and history.

Chinese Stories are focused on telling the stories of overseas Chinese and their contributions to the local community and country.

27. Mental Health

We all know mental health is important. But how to keep our mental health is new to many audiences.

This section is sharing self-improvement and mental health advice.

28. Rainbow Radio– Channel for LGBTQ+ Communiy

We are proud to create a section to tell stories about the LGBTQ+ communiy. This section is to promote and celebrate self-acceptance, equal legal right, and pride.

29. Work and Immigration

This section is to share the working experience in New Zealand and explains the working and immigration policies.

30. Book Review; Te reo Study

We love reading. We recommend people that we love to our audience.

We are learning Te Reo with our audience. In this section, we are sharing Te Reo lessons that we learned.

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