Chat GPT can now speak and sing in real time Chat GPT现在可以实时说话和唱歌了| DW 德国之声

The AI race has just shifted into high gear, with US artificial intelligence pioneers OpenAI rolling out its new interface that works with audio and vision as well as text. The new model, called GPT-4o, has gone beyond the familiar chat-bot features and is capable of real-time, near-natural voice conversations. The developer OpenAI will also make it available to free users.

ChatGPT was already able to talk to users, but with long pauses to process the data. It often seemed a bit sluggish. This was because the feature required three internal applications, the company explained: transcribing the spoken text, processing and generating, and converting the response to speech. This caused delays.

We talk to computer scientist Mike Cook from the renowned Kings College London about the new Chat GPT-4o development.



我们采访了来自著名伦敦国王学院的计算机科学家迈克·库克,讨论新的Chat GPT-4o的发展。



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