Don’t threaten New Zealand to choose sides

New Zealand Review Editorial: Australian right-wing news media SKY News, similar to US Fox News, recently has created many odd options regarding NZ and China relation. This is very concerning. We respect media freedom and freedom of speech. But biased reports and programs are not what we can agree with.

As any news organization, you should dedicate all your effort to show your audience the full picture of the news, not just go through the eye-cathing title or for your own interests. New Zealand is an independent country and own interests, it is not fair to talk about NZ’s foreign relations from an Australian perspective.

After Joe Biden became US president, he advocate to compete with China within the International organization and structures. So the first thing he did is to rejoin the International organization that Thrump has been quit. This has been reunited Western Allies. This is a smart and strategic move to face the competition from China.

In other end, Chinese government needs to have more allies to stablize their own economy. And they start to shift the engine of development to domestic market.

In this article, we are going to show our audience the whole picture of China’s relations.

  1. Why Australia can confront Chinese government?

Australia’s economy is heavily focused on raw materials exports such as agriculture and mining. With the impact of a pandemic, the raw materials price has been rocked up. So the Australian economy has not been impacted too much.

Although the pandemic and Australia-China trade war has been damaged the local tourism, wine, and parts of the agriculture industry. But all of these has a way to walk around it. The Australian companies have been expanded their market to more countries. Australian products have a good reputation around the world. So they do not need to worry about the foreign market.

The strong economy has been backed Australia government to choose US side and confront Chinese government.

2. NZ is the weakest chain of Five Eye?

NZ is not the weakest china of Five Eye. UK is. Chinese business and political influences have been in the UK for decades. Chinese investment in UK assets like businesses, infrastructure and property has reached an estimated £135bn – almost double what was previously thought.

About £44bn of this investment has come from state-owned firms, with many of the purchases happening over the past two years. An investigation from the Sunday Times found that Chinese and Hong Kong investors own stakes in vital UK infrastructure providers like Thames Water and Heathrow Airport, along with £57bn worth of shares in blue-chip FTSE100 firms.

Not only the strong economic ties between UK and China, the Brexit and the ununited EU will make UK more likely to take China’s sides than other Five Eye countries in the future.

3. Is there a third way to choose?

Canada is taking a third way in regards to its relation with China. The third way is to build independent relations based on national interests. In the past, Swiss is an example of this foreign policy.

The detain of Huawei CEO’s daughter Meng Wanzhou has been put Canada and China’s relationship in danger. But the damage seems not that big. Canada still one of the favourite destinations for Chinese visitors and many Chinese government officers.

This third way means you should stand out for your interests, you can show your options, but it will need to be in the International Sturcture. If you just make the options to Chinese government, you won’t likely to have any feedback anyway.

Some people thought Chinese government want to control other countries’ opinion towards China. That might be ture, but those pharses are just bureaucrat messages if you understand Chinese politics. These voices are more for the Chinese nationalists. I do not think they care too much about International comments.

Although the Chinese government has been wanting to have an independent foreign relation like the Swiss does. They have chosen wolf war warriors policy under the circumstances of facing pressure from local economic development and international technology competition. This will cause losing international allies and friends in the long run.

3. How to voice concerns about China?

Does the third way mean to be silent on Chinese issues? No. You can have strong voices towards the Chinese government. But you should ally with international allies to send the message to the Chinese government. One nation’s voice normally gets ignored.

This is also what the Chinese government are doing. They always allied with their so-called “allies” to show options on global issues. They always targeted one country, but afraid of countries that are united. As you can see, also they do not like Five Eye or EU’s local politicians’ options towards Chinese domestic issues. But there has nothing that can be done to retaliate against them.

I think New Zealand should focus on its own foreign relations. Put more effort on build good allies with other countries. But not too close to either side. Make foreign policy on own interests.

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