The New Zealand summer song playlist

The New Zealand summer song playlist

You are listening to the New Zealand Review Radio Music live. Here we are playing the trending and popular songs that bring back good memories. Today’s topic is the New Zealand summer song playlist. We will play 10 songs that showcase the wonderful and happy summertime. We love summertime and it is also festival time here. This playlist is dedicated to all our loved ones.

The first song we are going to play is Solar Power from Lorde. Lorde is an iconic New Zealand music artist. I remember when I was in The Voice live Studio in Los Angeles’ Universal Studio. When the person sitting beside me knows that I am flying to the US from New Zealand. They told me they want to fly to New Zealand to see Lorde’s concert. I feel so happy and proud of Lorde. Solar Power has got 24 million views on Youtube and 46 thousand comments. Pretty Little Liars commented: “I know this was supposed to come on the summer solstice, but today there was a solar eclipse so the universe still has Lorde’s back”. John Vincent Amado said:” this gives me a summer, and happy vibes, like I forgot all my problems, I’m just relaxing, thanks Lorde for this.”

Let’s dance with the second song which is Woke Up late by Drax Project. We love summertime because we can have a relaxing summer holiday. We could wake up late and enjoy the beautiful weather, play our favourite tunes. Woke Up late has 23 million views on Youtube. Listener Ruth Noemi said: “I woke up with this song in my head, gives me summer vibes and I’m so here for it.” Makda Abraham commented: This video just reminds me how gorgeous Liza is and how awesome Drax Project’s music is!! I swear to god I can’t stop replaying this song!

Romance is always the theme of summertime. The next two songs I am going to play are all from Benny Tipene. They are Make you mine and Walk on Water. When you are on a trip to Queenstown or Nelson, put this song on. It will bring up all the best memories for you and your loved ones. Listener Marlis Holmes said: Benny, this is a delightful piece of work all around. Some good footage there and a simple cheerful song that is light and easy to listen to. I enjoyed it. Well done. You took me to outdoors New Zealand and it felt like a quick holiday.  Thanks

Spiffla Land commented: So chillax, so summery, so kiwi. Love this for many reasons! For one, Benny’s amazing and original. Secondly, the music video looks classic, its effects and the way it’s on the road or on the water, around nature. That’s flipping awesome! If I ever miss the heart of the home, known as New Zealand, this is one of the things I’ll be looking back to. And lastly the song. The feels. Need I say more?

Summertime is about the sunshine and beautiful weather. Who’s voice are warmer than New Zealand music queen Bic Runga? The following two songs are Something Good and Get Some Sleep by Bic. Bic’s voice always reminds me of Kiwi Summer, beautiful sunshine, snow mountains, and summer breeze. Listener payge happy said: “Man, this song gets me in the feels every time. I think back to seeing Bic live, crying my eyes out. I get emotional, I almost well up. Such a great tune.” Anandro Vidhelssen said: “14 years ago today, I heard my first Bic Runga song…My life was never quite the same again…. She is incredible…” Fran Mase said: “remember this song playing on the radio when my mum would drop me off to school. Miss being a kid.”

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A happy song always makes us remember how good the summer is. The next song is Something in the water by Brooke Fraser. I cannot stop shaking my legs when this song is on. It is such a happy song. Listener May Grace said: “This could be New Zealand’s theme song! It’s light-hearted, fun and casual. You can’t understand most of the words. And most of what’s going on in the video makes no sense! It fits us Kiwis perfectly! ” Nick Yo commented: “Love it! Go New Zealand!”

I have played and recommended Avalanche City in our programs like million times now. Dave’s voice is like a glass of tropic fruit juice or a jug of sour beer that cool you down on a hot summer day. The next two songs are Love Love Love, and Inside out. Coffee GMR said: I lived in NZ for a year! it’s been 2 years since I`ve been there and I really miss the place! this song really brings back memories! love you kiwis! love from Norway. Brad said: Hands down my most favourite New Zealand song! Keep up the great work.

The last song we will play is Team by Lorde. This is a great song. Thank Scott put up this New Zealand summer song playlist for us. You have such a wonderful music taste. Thank everyone for listening. This is New Zealand Review Radio, wish you a good summer ahead!


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